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Our Story

Entertainment is what we do.

Unlimited Entertainment, LLC has taken entertainment to new heights. With over 37 years of experience in the business, The company has overseen, managed and produced some of the country's foremost music and theatrical tours and events. 


Unlimited Entertainment was founded by veteran promoter Nate Tarver, well known for being one of the pioneers of the “chitlin circuit” gospel tours and mounting the soul- stirring theatrical production ‘When a Woman’s Fed Up” to stages across the country. 


From Zydeco and Blues, to Gospel, R&B and comedy, Unlimited Entertainment has managed and produced scores of productions featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. 


Hundreds of thousands have turned out for Unlimited Entertainment’s events nationwide. Tarver’s events have broken box office records and he fields daily requests from markets anxious to bring one of his productions to their market. 


What makes unlimited so in-demand? Professional integrity and a genuine desire to bring the best entertainment to the stage.

Nate Tarver

Nate Tarver is a man who knows no limitations. As Founder and CEO of Birmingham based minority owned Unlimited Entertainment, the 68-year-old Industry veteran is proof that there can be longevity in the business of entertainment. With over 43 years of experience in the performing arts, he has worked with music legends such as Barry White, Gladys Knight, Earth Wind and Fire, Frankie Beverly and Maze and Prince.

Tarver was born in Selma, AL. He later moved to Birmingham to attend Miles College. Three years into his pursuit of Business Administration degree, he was broached by a friend-- Clarence Thomas, with an opportunity to enter the business world. The job, managing an up and coming group called Con Funk Shun. A talented singer in his own right, Nate never envisioned himself working in the field of entertainment. Nonetheless, he seized the moment and decided to forgo his degree for life experience. As partners, Clarence and Nate became known as J-Ade Entertainment. Tarver then relocated to Oakland, California in 1972 where he spent six years as a manager of Con Funk Shun. Their big break came about when Con Funk Shun opened for the R&B powerhouse, The Commodores. In 1980 Maze became a part of the fold. He went on to manage Maze until 1989.

Even though he was busy maneuvering in the concert world, that passion for business never departed. He continued to explore other opportunities and business ventures. Something caught his attention...the theatrical world. Mike Matthews was the “Tyler Perry” of his time and the creator of Gospel stage plays. His production,” Mama Don’t” caught the eye of Nate Tarver whose promoter prowess lead him to capitalize on the concept of touring this production. Tarver believed that the same concert tour theory could be applied to the play world as a means of introducing live theater to the masses. It worked! He, along with Clarence Thomas and Quentin Perry became the original pioneers (promoters) of the “Chitlin Circuit” tours.

In addition to his successes in entertainment, Tarver ventured into real estate for a few years but eventually returned to the industry. From 1995 to present he has overseen, managed and produced some of the country’s foremost music and theatrical tours and events. One signature event near and dear to his heart has been the Drumline Live: Battle of the Bands Competition. Although not the founder of the original exhibitions, Tarver quickly found a niche in the market featuring High School Bands in what was perceived to be an exclusive HBCU event. Since 2003, Nate has hosted approximately 10 shows per year across the US in cities like Tampa, Memphis, Houston, Philadelphia, Birmingham and Houston. His events provide scholarships to aspiring musicians and recruitment opportunities for college band directors.

If that is not enough, in the midst of it all Nate also found the time to return to school. In 2010 he received a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies/Theology.


His Story

Life with no limitations

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